Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Just checking.

A trip out to check on the Lapwings and see if any have laid eggs yet. A few Whimbrel were still hanging about and seven birds flying past gave me a chance to get one in the air.
Pretty much anything that flies past the Lapwings will get them up in the air.
A seriously dodgy photograph of a backlit Golden Plover but the camera just didn't want to focus on them for some reason. There was about twenty of these birds feeding in a field.
You can't help but take photos of the Lapwings - it doesn't matter whether the light is on them or not, it's just a stunning bird. This one had just fluffed all it's feathers up and then turned to catch the light - awesome!
Not too far away a female bird was well camouflaged as it sat on the nest - result.
A Golden Eagle was seen circling over the shop with a Raven for company.
I haven't seen any Lesser Redpolls yet but the Siskins are still populating the feeders.
While I was out checking for Wood Warbler and Redstart I was distracted by this Otter. It was fishing just offshore but it was moving with a purpose and it wasn't too long before it was heading for a holt.
There were no warblers in the wood but there were a few Skunk Cabbage plants adding a splash of colour.
A good find was a Redwing singing...
...while it's cousin, the Song Thrush, was more intent on feeding.

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