Thursday, 16 May 2013

Falls into place.

The main request for the day was Otters so we had a look for the furry beast first thing - no luck. A small group of Red Deer and a couple of Stonechat were the best we could manage.
Next up were the Golden Eagles, two birds, one on the nest and the other perched nearby until it flew off.
A couple of Otters were picked up when we got back to the loch side. They were difficult to see in choppy water but eventually one of them came to shore with a fish. About ten minutes later they were both ashore and they were chasing each other about. Sometimes it all just falls into place! Eiders up close...
...two WT Eagle were seen with one flying over, Hooded Crow mobbing, a good size comparison.
Four Golden Plover were seen at the roadside...
...before I saw my first Wood Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher and Common Whitethroat. It was a bit difficult to get everyone onto the Wood Warbler but it was worth the effort. There was plenty more as the day went on...Blackbird...
...Turnstone, Hen Harrier, Sedge Warbler, Adder, Whinchat and Common Tern to name a few.
The first of the Lapwing eggs had hatched so it will be nice to see them grow and we finished the day with a search for Mountain Hare.

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