Thursday, 9 May 2013

It's all about the waders.

The weather was wet again for this tour. Before setting off I had a flock of 30 Dunlin with a single Sanderling in the flock. We started the tour with a viewing of the WT Eagle nest where we were lucky enough to see one of the chicks being fed. Three Otter were picked up next so that had the day off to a good start. Another Otter was seen a bit further round the loch.
We tried for the Golden Eagles but only one guest managed to get a view before the cloud covered the area again. The rest of the day was pretty much to do with birds that had dropped in with the weather - waders. Oystercatchers were seen in good numbers...
...Dunlin were everywhere - a flock of 30 on one beach was pretty good but later in the day we saw a flock of about 200!
GN Diver, RB Merg, Grey Seal, Common Seal, Eider, Whooper Swan and lots of other wildlife was seen along the way. Golden Plover were seen well...
...but this Snipe took a bit of finding!
A nicely posed Common Sandpiper finished a wet day in style.

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