Friday, 8 March 2013

Getting a buzz.

When the tide comes in the waders are a little bit closer and they don't seem to mind you approaching them...up to a point, of course. There is no cover so the bold approach is the only one to use. A flock of 25 Turnstone were buzzing about but there was one bird that wasn't joining in.
The shallow water is good for reflections and I nearly managed to get one of this Ringed Plover.
The Otter family were out fishing and when mum caught a fish she was more interested in thrashing it about than eating it!
Another buzz was getting this Buzzard on the telegraph pole. If you have tried this you'll know that most of the time the bird will fly off but this one stayed put while I took some shots. I actually got out of the motor and it still didn't fly!
There are quite a few Black Guillemots around but I noticed that on the open sea they are all in summer plumage but on the sea lochs they are just starting to turn - they are paired up too.


Adelai said...

Love the reflection pic

Rick Thornton said...

Loving you're blogs Bryan mate, they always make good reading. And cheers for the black guillemot pictures, I've never seen them in that plumage before.

Probably bump into you in August.....between the 3rd & 10th LoL
Take care

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers for the comments. It's all good stuff.