Thursday, 7 March 2013

All dressed up...

The weather has turned overcast instead of the blue skies but there is still no rain for us. Some of the pools that the frogs have used are now dry and the spawn will be lost. No frogs in the garden pond so it's another bird waiting to get on the feeders - Chaffinch.
Nothing else came close enough for the camera. Even the GN Diver kept it's distance.
No improvement in the weather on the next day but being out earlier helped with the sightings. The Otter family were out fishing and catching well so I didn't have to wait too long before one hauled out.
The Black-headed Gull is that common (for me) so to see two birds coming into breeding plumage was worthy of a bit of camera pointing!
You can find the Red-breasted Merganser close to the shore but they are not that keen if you stop to look. You can see the speed of this bird as it heads off - love the hairdo though!
Not a native bird but Pheasants are striking birds - all dressed up and nowhere to go.
A Common Gull was doing circuits...
...round a herd of Highland Cattle.
I managed to get reasonably close to two of the Skylark when I got home and got some photos of of one of them in the open - result.

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