Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bits and bobs.

Just a few things that have been catching the eye over the last week or so. There is plenty of new life around with lots of lambs and a few calves around too. This calf was just taking it's first steps on wobbly legs but managed to get behind the clump of sedge before the camera was trained on it!
The Primroses are out and providing a nice splash of colour in the brown winter landscape.
I've checked on the Adders a few times now and I've had up to three at the moment. I did get images of the head pattern on this one...
...and this one which is definitely one I photographed last year.
The Long-tailed Tit photo that featured in a recent post was taken off island so it was nice to catch up with this little  cracker after viewing the snakes.
Everybodies favourite hate - Hooded Crow. Looks stunning in the sunshine though...
...and an Otter swimming past just behind.

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