Friday, 15 March 2013

Just like that.

A short run out in dull conditions. There was no plan on what to do so three Otters fishing ended up being the target. There must have been something like 20 Grey Heron around the loch so no surprise when one flew overhead.
You could watch Otters all day but there is definitely more entertainment out of the family group. The youngsters were running about on the shore...
...mum was fishing in the loch...
...and some of the fish were brought ashore.
When you have had a good feed, you need a good clean and that means rolling around on the seaweed.
The fun can be over quickly, maybe Tommy Cooper style - 'Just like that'!
I spent a bit of time trying to track a couple of Reed Bunting down. They gave me the slip and then posed on a rock just before I moved on. Cracking birds.
The Hen Harriers are still an almost daily sighting but they are superb at keeping their distance!

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