Thursday, 14 March 2013

A run out.

It's been a while since I've been to the garage so you have to use that time wisely. The Lapwing numbers are coming up nicely and it was nice to get one with a reflection.
I wasn't keeping that much of an eye out as I headed to the garage but a strange looking bird flew across the road. You get used to recognising things in the blink of an eye so when something unusual appears you have to have a second look. I knew what the bird was as it crossed the road but a Blackbird with no tail is a strange sight!
I'd decided on a hunt for Mountain Hare and I wasn't going back without seeing one. There were plenty of Golden Plover flying about...
...Rooks that just wanted to make a noise...
...and Lapwings defending the territory they have chosen.
The Mountain Hares are not usually that hard to find but I walked around the areas where there are always a few and came up with a blank. I thought I would check another area and started heading through the longer grass and one exploded from my feet. It gives you a bit of a start, it does. The beast stopped to look back at me but it had moved a fair distance so no chance of a decent shot and it was the only one I saw.

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Adelai said...

that's a cracking picture of the lapwing!