Sunday, 10 March 2013

Heads you win, tails you lose.

With bits of sunshine breaking through there was nothing for it but to go reptile hunting. A bit of a hold up when I came across the Otter family fishing just offshore. They hauled out at one point and it looked like that was going to be it but they chose to swim back the way and into camera range. The only way to keep a look out...
...and it must be thirsty work as they clamber out for a drink.
It was a nice way to start the outing and there were two WT Eagle circling overhead at the time! A Cormorant was drying off in the breeze - I noticed the bird was sporting a ring when checking the photos.
I didn't have any trouble finding this Common Lizard...
...but, somehow, I didn't pick up the Adder until the last second when it's tail was disappearing into the vegetation. I gave it 10 minutes and had another look - no problem.
The following day I found a Slavonian Grebe reasonably close to the shore so I grabbed some shots.
A couple of Woodpigeon feeding in the open were hard to resist. They seem to be increasing in numbers on the island.
I picked up a year tick in the shape of a Peregrine - nice view through the scope but not worth pointing the camera at it but you can see what it is!
A few Pied Wagtails are appearing, all males, along the lochs. It's a real treat to see them back.


Bobbster said...

Great first shot of the otters

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers, Bob. It was a nice encounter.