Sunday, 7 April 2013


After dropping off some guests to watch 3 Otters I had to get the last of the guests to join in the fun. We all managed to get good views of them before they headed further away.
Next on the list was a male Hen Harrier coming across the loch...
...and then we were straight in with another three Otters! A visit to the WT Eagle nest gave us the bird on the nest plus the other adult flying off. No sooner had the flying bird disappeared when a juvenile WT Eagle flew over the top of us.
After the blistering start the day slowed down a bit as the temperature tried to rise. We still picked up a good herd of Red Deer stags, Common Seals, 3 Golden Eagle, a couple of Hen Harrier and an Adder. At one of the stops I had just finished explaining why it wasn't a good place to see Otters when something slid into the looked like an Otter as it swam across the water but it was too small. The biggest giveaway was the gulls getting upset by the presence of this mustelid, they were continually dive-bombing, and we realised it was a Mink!
We had a nice time watching the Lapwings displaying but we missed out on Mountain Hare. A quick run out in the evening produced a couple of Short-eared Owl. A nice way to finish the day.

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