Monday, 1 April 2013


I was told about dead bird at the side of the road so I thought I would check it out. You could see there were plenty of feathers on the side of the road so a good indication that it had been plucked. The carcass was just off the road on a mound and it was minus it's head and the body had been eaten so it looks like it was predated by a bird of prey.
There are probably a few different scenarios as to why this bird was predated  - it may have been injured by a car or it could have been an old bird but it's all part of life in the wild. A fine set of talons for catching mice and voles when it was alive.

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Wendy Thomas said...

Hi Bryan,

Further to our recent chat in the shop about your photos, did you know you could send photos to Scottish Field's online galleries? Their max size is 2MB. Every month they choose 8 or 9 to feature in the magazine.

Wendy Thomas