Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It was never going to be easy to follow the previous day so it was back to earth with a bump! A lone Common Gull was lingering near the shore in the morning light so I thought that would be a good start to the day.
As it happens this Curlew was the only chance of getting anything decent!
Distant views of displaying Hen Harrier, the distant views of both types of eagle and still no sign of any migrants. It's not easy to get through a day without a close encounter so the saving grace was this Otter.
He came out on the shore with a fish to show well...
...before moving a bit closer.
Another stint on the shore with another fish...
...before heading back out into a productive patch.
You can see all of the whiskers that help to locate any food items.
One last cheeky look across the water before he headed off.

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