Saturday, 20 April 2013

Check up.

A bit of a better day so time to check on a few things. The Adders have been a bit quiet lately but there is no sign of them in the regular spots....yet. You can still find the odd one here and there.
No sign of any Slow Worm yet and the Common Lizards can be found wandering around - usually up your leg;-)
A bit of a check on the SE Owls a bit later in the day was quite productive. A good half a dozen Hooded Crows seemed keen to be upset about the slightest thing - nothing unusual there.
Plenty of views of Hen Harrier including displaying birds.
The Short-eared Owls were quite busy with display and not so keen to sit on the posts - could have been the showers that were passing through.
As you would expect, when you start heading for home you get something that keeps you out a bit longer. Well worth the effort!

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