Thursday, 17 May 2012


Tuesday looked like a fantastic day but the wind kept things really cool. Plenty of sightings through the day but pride of place had to go to the Otter that was sleeping on the shore.
The nine Brent Geese were seen heading off north, the Short-eared Owls performed well and the WT Eagle was viewed at the nest. Lunch was rudely interrupted by two Golden Eagle flying back and forth (I didn't hear anyone complain) before settling on the top of a hill just before we moved on. The afternoon was a bit slower paced but we were serenaded by a Song Thrush.
A superb finish to the day was had when I spotted a WT Eagle being mobbed in the distance. A mad dash down the road gave us the views we wanted and had the guests wondering how I organised these treats! That would be telling.

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PMBrem said...

Great to see the Otters are still putting in an appearance Bryan. I was there all of last week and saw just the one. I spoke to the Otter Man and he seemed to think it was a cyclical thing... will be back next year!