Thursday, 10 May 2012

Short and sweet.

Serious internet problems are holding things up but I'll do my best to keep things up to date. It's taking all my time to upload the photos and the text doesn't save when the connection drops out so it will be short and sweet until it's fixed.
Sunday was one of those nice days where the sightings came in clumps. The start of the day gave us the usual array of GN Divers and while having a look at the WT Eagle we had three Golden Eagle go over the top.
That was the extent of the photographs for the day as the rest of them were murdered with heat haze! Cracking views of Hen Harrier, Whinchat, Adder, a few Whimbrel, Golden Plover and a Black-tailed Godwit were the pick of the bunch for the rest of the day.
Shop Lady was delighted to see the return of a Northern Wheatear out front of the shop on Tuesday.
Short-eared Owl, a couple of juvenile Stonechat and Great Northern Diver with a fish gave us a good start to the day.
Two Golden Eagle sitting together were nice to see as was a reasonably close view of a male Hen Harrier.
A bit of added colour to the day was this Early Purple Orchid.
Righting a Sheep that had got stuck on it's back got us a bit closer to some Mountain Hares...
...and we caught up with three Black-tailed Godwit too.


Russell Jenkins said...

Some great sights but especially like the hares pic - A beauty!

Anonymous said...

No Otters Bryan?

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers Russell.

Anon - The Otters are tough to find at the moment and I'm not getting any photos. It'll come!

Adelai said...

Wow - those shots of the hare in motion are absolutely amazing. Give a real appreciation of their power and size - love to have been there!