Friday, 11 May 2012

Watching you, watching me.

Tuesday evening I was picked up by BB for a run out. First thing we came across was a male Hen Harrier.
We spent a bit of time watching the Short-eared Owls while they spent a bit of time watching us.
The Owls gave a few fly past views but nothing really close.
A Northern Wheatear posed on a post.
A change of location gave us some good views of a male Hen Harrier trying to chase off a Common Buzzard. There were a few Lesser Redpoll flying around and occasionally one would land in full view.
After seeing a couple of Shorties on posts but not getting the chance for photos we had to get a few snaps of this one on a passing place post.
As usual, great looking bird but a shame about it's choice of post.
Nice view on the way back too.

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