Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Angry August.

Friday it was back to an easy day in pleasant weather. A couple of minutes after picking up the guests we were watching 3 Otters and then off to see the WT Eagles - simple!
Another Otter and then two Golden Eagle plus a Slow Worm - just one of those days.
Saturday went along the same lines too. A couple of Otters at the start of the day were distant but good enough. We had some good eagle action after that with a couple of WT Eagles in flight and a Golden Eagle not happy with the bigger birds flying around his territory. No damage done as the WT Eagles just drifted away. It must be a time for Goldies to be angry as we picked up a juvenile Goldie that was seen off by a couple of adult birds. Next up in the angry stakes were a couple of Sparrowhawks that took umbrage with a squad of Hooded Crows - good to watch though.
Sunday was a day off and it rained all day. Monday was a day for fishing to try and catch some supper. With three men in the boat we headed off to see what we could catch. One of the first fish I hauled in was this Cuckoo Wrasse - not a common fish so that went back in.
Plenty Mackerel were hauled in before we had a go at catching Pollock. A few small ones were caught and thrown back before I caught this 5lb fish - supper!
Tuesday was another day off so Wednesday will have to do. An overcast day with little wind and some good birds. The usual suspects performed well with both juvenile WT Eagle putting on a show for us. Here is one of the birds with a Common Buzzard for company.
The Otter took a bit of finding but performed well despite the attentions of SIX photographers.
We got good views of Greenshank and Ringed Plover along the way. A bonus bird was an adult WT Eagle that was well camoflaged as it sat on the rocks. We almost overlooked this Common Lizard too.
If you look closely you can see the scales starting to grow back on the tail now. A bit more obvious was this Adder.
Only distant views of Golden Eagle today but three birds made up for the distance. There were plenty of Buzzard along the way mostly sitting on posts.
Plenty of Stonechat to see plus a couple of Whinchat, Common Whitethroat and a nice female Hen Harrier before we finished the day with Twite, Linnet and Skylark.

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