Monday, 15 August 2011

Bits and bobs.

I've had the spycam out in various places over the last week and mostly it has just got wet! The best bit of video captured is the one below.
If that's not good enough here is another from the Ardnamurchan trip.

An interesting find on the island - a Siskin was picked up in the feeding station at the back of Harbour Guest House in Tobermory. The bird was ringed and here is the information on the bird...
Ringing Scheme: London Ring Number: X645136 Species of bird: Siskin
This bird was ringed by R L Coombs as age 2 years , sex Male on 15-Mar-2009 at Kempley, Gloucestershire
OS Map reference SO6828, co-ordinates 51deg 57min N 2deg 28min W.
It was found on 01-Jul-2011 at Tobermory, Argyll and Bute
OS Map reference NM5055, co-ordinates 56deg 37min N 6deg 4min W.
The bird was Dying Bird Found
It was found 838 days after it was ringed, 569 km from the ringing site, direction NNW.

Another interesting sight, noted on a number of occasions, is Sparrowhawks hunting Swallows. I've not seen a successful hunt but they certainly put the effort in.

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