Sunday, 19 December 2010

Through the square window.

Saturday started off perfect but there was more snow forecast so there was no thoughts of heading out. I stocked up the feeders and settled down for a look through the square window as the snow started to fall. A young Blackbird was making it's presence known by having a go at anything that landed near it. It did a good impersonation of a giant Wren when it was leaving the bird table and, as you can see, it only has one tail feather. 
The Great Tits like to have a look around the windows to see if there are any spiders hiding there.
The snow was really coming down and making the Sheep look a bit whiter than normal.
As the snow deepened this Blackbird was sporting some smart looking snow boots.
A single Goldfinch added a bit of extra colour into the mix. There are three of these birds flying around but only this one comes for a feed.
The scene wouldn't be complete without a Robin - nice.

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