Saturday, 18 December 2010

All good things...

...come to those that wait. With no intentions of going out I was forced into action when I took a phone call in the shop and wandered over to the window just in time to see a WT Eagle fly past. I watched the bird lose height and attempt to land on the thin covering of ice. The ice might have been thick enough to hold the weight of the Hooded Crows but the eagle went straight through it and just sat there for a minute before flying a few yards to solid ground.
You can see the soggy undercarriage in this shot.
There must have been some food there as this Common Buzzard came in for a look too.
I watched as the Eagle repositioned itself...
...before dipping into a hidden pool for a drink and eventually picked up what looked like a leg from a Mountain Hare.
I guess there wasn't enough meat to interest the eagle as it soon took flight and left.

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