Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mating season.

The mating season might be over for some but this Common Snipe may well be on sentry duty for a second brood.
The Common Terns must have chicks now as you tend to see them fishing a lot more.
I did take the opportunity to try out a different lens for the camera and got some nice shots of Sundew...
...and the flower head too.
These Dark Green Fritillaries were mating and flying was a bit of a challenge in the breeze!
A single DGF posed for long enough facing the camera.
The Harebells are looking splendid as usual...
...and a mating pair of Large Red Damselfly were seen.
Last of all - Melancholy Thistle just because it was there.

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Adelai said...

fabulous close ups with that lens