Monday, 1 July 2013

End of June.

Some photos from the last few tours just to give some of the highlights. The Red Deer stags are starting to look good now and they should get rid of the velvet in July - I wonder if it'll be later with the cold spring.
The Tree Pipits have spent a bit of time being quiet but now they are back displaying again.
The Whinchat are still bouncing around but I haven't seen any young birds yet even though I do know that some are out of the nest.
The WT Eagle and Golden Eagle both have a large chick that should be on the wing by the end of July. Otters are still being seen on most days but we did miss out the day we saw this oiled Puffin.
It was a bit of a wet and windy day but we did find another auk - Guillemot.
The Linnets seem to enjoy the wet grass...
...and the Greater Butterfly Orchids are in flower at last. They don't seem to be lasting very long this year and a whole bunch of this species was munched by...
...Red Deer. Quite a pale looking beast on the right and a spotty youngster in the middle.
This female Adder has showed reasonably well over the last month.
I did say the Whinchats are showing well so here is another shot!
It won't be long before we stop seeing the Snipe on a post so here is, possibly, the last one for this year.

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