Friday, 12 July 2013


No excuses - just blurred. The weather is just fabulous up here and maybe the photos just show a touch of the heat haze! I managed to see 4 Otters before I had any guests on board and then couldn't find any of them 10 minutes later - ho hum! The heat was keeping things quiet but we got both of the adult WT Eagles in flight...
...before we hit lucky with a sighting of three Otters. They were out in choppy water and difficult to see but we waited around and finally got them on the shore close to us.
A splendid Red Deer stag was seen... we viewed the Common Seal colony, a few Common Terns are nesting out there too. Reasonable views of the Adder again and superb views of the Whinchat.
It was nice to see a few juvenile Northern Wheatear doing the rounds without their parents...
...and just to show how hot it was even the Hoodies were panting.
We paid a visit to a Golden Eagle site and had one of the adults flying around just as we arrived. Plenty of other stuff was seen but the Grey Herons were taking most of the acclaim just by being present in numbers! I did snap one the next day preening itself.

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