Thursday, 4 July 2013

Old faithful.

You couldn't have asked for a worse day - rain and wind - but you can't let it spoil your day. The old faithful Snipe was posing in the rain... we headed to a Golden Eagle site. We managed to get views of a Golden Eagle in flight just before the weather really closed in. Three Otters were watched fishing in the rain and you can see how wet the Hooded Crows were!
The WT Eagle chick was viewed on the nest before heading off to view the Common Seals. A small group of Eider were seen just before lunch.
Wheatear, Whinchat, Woodcock, Gannet and Rock Pipit were all seen before we came across three Tufted Duck on a small body of fresh water.
What else could be better in the rain than some wading birds - Redshank flying around...
...Lapwing in flight and just posing...
...and a Common Snipe displaying.
It even looks good when it's coming in to land!
A superb find was a RB Merg with nine youngsters - They look superb as they scoot across the water to keep up with mum.
Our last sighting of the day was a pair of Red-throated Diver - you gotta love the rainy days.

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