Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Sunday was a bit of a damp one but we managed to get out in the evening to get some fresh air. We found a female Curlew on the nest that was difficult to see...
...but the male bird was quite alert to what was going on.
The Short-eared Owls are a popular thing at the moment. Getting decent shots is not that easy but they are a delight to watch and listen to.
With the damp conditions the Snipe were encouraged to do a bit of display and perch in prominent places.
Just before we headed for home a Hen Harrier came hunting across the moor...
...and Shortie posed at the side of the road - awesome!
Monday the sun was back. A good start to the day with a couple of WT Eagle and a sleeping Otter. Another Otter proved to be elusive as we got brief glimpses of it as it worked it's way between the rocks and finally disappeared from sight. A couple of big birds were picked up by one of the guests and when we stopped for a better view the two Golden Eagles flew overhead.
Another Golden Eagle was seen after lunch with a male Hen Harrier trying to see it off. Not a great shot but the small bird on the left of the picture is the harrier - tiny in comparison.
A single Golden Plover was a good find at the end of the day.
We thought we might miss out on the hares as we saw two people walking their dog in a good spot for them. Then a couple of Mountain Hares exploded from cover as the dog wandered around the shore - result.

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