Monday, 23 April 2012

Buzzard food.

Thursday night I took a quick snap of the sunset.
Friday I had a run out in the morning to try for some Willow Warbler photos and to check on some of the flowers. First thing I picked up was an Otter so I headed for the shore to get a bit closer. Halfway down to the shore I put up a Short-eared Owl.
The owl landed on the seaweed covered rocks so I got out of sight as quick as possible. The Otter never came close enough for a decent shot...
..and the owl headed back to the shore to roost a couple of hundred yards away from me.
The plants I checked on are coming along nicely but no flowers on the Butterwort yet. Wood Sorrel looked good...
...the Primroses are abundant...
...and there are lots of Dog Violet too.
I managed to catch up with a couple of close Willow Warblers but I never got any decent shots until I got back to the car and one landed in a bush right next to me!
Saturday we had the usual suspects but it was nice to see a few more Wheatears about.
You always see the Common Buzzards hunting whether it's hovering above the grass or staring at the ground from a post and more often than not they will catch a vole but on Saturday we saw a couple of different prey items. First off we saw a Buzzard with some grass dangling from it's talons and we were able to follow this bird until it landed to have it's meal...a Frog.
The next one I wasn't so lucky but I did get a shot of the bird as it headed off with a Slow Worm!
The varied diet is one of the reasons these birds are so successful but it's not often you get see these events.

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