Monday, 9 June 2014

Same difference

A couple of tours that didn't produce too many images but certainly some good sightings. The WT Eagles are not too hard to get but you do have to wait sometimes.
I have managed to nail down a breeding pair of Whinchat and there are other pairs that don't seem that setlled.
With no breeding pair of Golden Eagle to watch you sometimes get one and other days you will see a few - some are close and some are distant.
The Redshanks are starting to move around a bit more as their youngsters start wandering further afield.
A hatch of White Ermine moths was a nice start to the day.
The Whooper Swan is still around but it's not always on view.
A heavy shower will always have the Golden Eagles heading for the ground but trying to spot these birds can be quite difficult.
We have seen Common Sandpipers with chicks, Otters are back on the menu so it's the same sightings just different every time!

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