Friday, 6 June 2014

Baby shank

It was a wet start to June so the picture opportunities were reduced. There are still a few GN Divers around the lochs but most of them are last years juveniles. There was not much chance of Golden Eagle in the murky conditions but it doesn't help when it rains as you arrive at a Goldie site! The Common Sandpipers have quietened down as they are keeping an eye on their chicks - a superb bird to watch.
The rain goose (Red-throated Diver) is a regular sighting now as the adult birds loaf around on the fresh water lochs. We had a superb display of one bird calling on the loch as two other birds flew around cackling.
The young Redshank have provided quite a bit of entertainment... long as they avoid the clutches of the Hen Harrier.
The wet weather doesn't affect the sightings of WT Eagle but the views can be poor through the mist. This bird was located away from any nest site but it provided a superb view through the scope.
The Otter sightings are still quite good but I'm not getting any close encounters as they always seem to be heading to the holt when I pick them up.

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