Monday, 23 June 2014


The weather has been fantastic for anyone on their holidays but it's way too hot for the wildlife - everything just wants to get into the shade and stay cool! The views are just superb though.
The mornings have seen the most sightings before it gets too hot. I must remember to have my camera to hand for the WT Eagle as we have had some superb views. The Curlew are still looking after their chicks but you don't see the youngsters that much.
Whinchat and Stonechat always get a good reception while the Reed Buntings can be a bit more elusive. Guests are always pleased to get a good view of the Hooded Crows but they are everywhere.
We managed to get a family party of Grey Wagtails on a river as they bounced around catching flies.
I've not seen any youngsters at the Common Tern colony but the Oystercatcher chicks are a treat to see.
Golden Eagle has been a difficult one to catch up with in the heat of the day but they do show with a bit of patience. We did manage to see an Adder and also found a couple of newts in a pool - you can see the external gills of this youngster.

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kev parr said...

Ahhhh Bryan - that view across Loch Beg.....makes me go a bit gooey..beautiful.