Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Little brown job

On turning up at the WT Eagle site we were lucky enough to catch one of the adults in flight.
There are always plenty of Meadow Pipits flicking up from the side of the road so I always try to get a view of a close one perched up somewhere - not just a little brown job.
All of a sudden the Northern Wheatears seem to be popping out again - they must be feeding young now...
...but I would have expected all of the remaining RB Mergs to be on the nest now.
I have seen one Red Deer calf recently but this hind looks like it's still waiting for the event to occur.
No sooner said than done - Northern Wheatear chicks being fed by their parents...
...and an awesome background that they will never take much notice of!

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Wilma said...

a general population explosion! what fun to see.