Thursday, 29 November 2012


I've been out a couple of times in the last few days and seen mostly raptors. I could scrape in a few more things if I stayed out longer but I'm happy with a couple of hours in the field. Red Deer are showing well near the roads as the weather gets colder.
The WT Eagles are doing their best to be elusive but they are easy to see when they get up in the air!
A trip to the garage is always nice on a good day so I wasn't surprised to come across a flock of Fieldfare posing on the wires.
Rock Pipits can be seen poking around the edges of pools as well as on the seaweed...
...with Starlings for company.
I stopped on the way back as a Buzzard was stooping down over the road - it was having a go at a WT Eagle.
As I rattled a few shots off another bird appeared...
...the Buzzard wasn't happy...
...and another WT Eagle appeared!
There was one more bird sitting on the rocks below so a good haul of four birds. There was a small flock of birds flying about too which turned out to be more Fieldfare. Another raptor that is seen regularly is the Kestrel but they don't like you getting too close. When I found this bird facing the wind I thought I would take the chance of a few bum shots...
...but I managed a few shots from the front too as it wheeled around... take up a new position.

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