Saturday, 10 November 2012

Kenya part 3.

A troop of Baboons was interesting to watch and you could almost guarantee one would come over to see if you had any food.
I tried to cut down the number of photos I was taking but the animals kept posing - Elephants were especially good at it!
One of the downpours we endured came on just as we found a couple of male Lions. They just put their heads down to wait it out and the up side was it kept some of the flies off.
Not too far away were these two Grey Crowned Crane - stunning!
We wondered how close we would get to the Giraffe. I spent some time waiting for them to get far enough away to fit a whole one in!
Crowned Plover was a nice bird to see.
More Elephants - how did that happen?
A Giraffe doing big and making everything look small.
Find of the holiday was two Cheetahs on a kill - a lot more impressive in the flesh and bigger than I thought.
Wildebeest on the charge - if one goes they all go!
Craziest looking bird has to be the Secretary Bird.
Wattled Plover, just like it says on the tin, a plover with wattles.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos Brian. We went to Kenya 2 years ago and theres no-where else in the world I would rather return to. Haven't made it to Mull yet though - hopefully next year. We've earmarked our wildlife guide ;-)

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks, Nicola.