Friday, 23 November 2012

A shot in the dark.

An early run out was always going to produce a few things but I never expected to get photos too. They are not pretty but it did work - a cracking male Merlin to start the day.
I stepped out of the motor to get a better look at a few Mergs and two Hen Harrier appeared...
...along with a few Raven.
Great Northern Diver, can't help but point the camera...
...quite a few Little Grebe around...
...and a squad of Lesser Redpoll.
It's surprising how different each bird looks.
Less red on the head and a yellower bill...
...and a pink flush for this one.
The Blue Tit didn't want to be photographed so this was the only capture.
An Otter put in an appearance just as the sun appeared from behind the hills. The Otter was on the move so I was lucky enough to get a couple of shots as it came out, briefly, on a point of land.
Back to the Mergs after that. The male birds are looking good now... there is plenty of displaying going on.

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