Thursday, 22 September 2011


This post should have been some spycam stuff. I went to retrieve the camera today to find it was pointing in the wrong direction and a bit loose on the mount. It never crossed my mind that something was wrong but on opening the camera I discovered that someone had stolen the card!! Thanks for that.A bit of good news is the Pallid Harrier that I found on Tuesday is a first for Argyll.
I did see an Adder today that was next to the regular hibernating area. The only Lizards that I could see were the young ones. The two in the picture below are no more than an inch and a half long!
Another good find was this Common Hawker - it was nearly squashed by a size 12 welly!

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Anonymous said...

An unfortunate sign of the times I'm afraid Bryan. I thought (hoped) that that kind of behaviour was still restricted to the mainland........seems not!