Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Saturday was a real stinker where we had to suffer the lashing rain all day. With the rain forecast to get worse through the day we headed for Golden Eagle first but it was no surprise that we left that one empty handed. Our spirits were lifted not long after when we picked up an Otter. A small flock of Dunlin provided a short distraction while we waited for the Otter to come ashore.
Good views of GN Diver, Siskin, Ringed Plover, RB Merganser were had and a few Red deer crept out of the woods too.
We were also lucky with our sighting of Red-throated Diver as we picked up these two birds close to shore.
Good humour and a lot of patience seen us through the day and we got a nice surprise at the end of the day too. Close views of Mountain Hare were had, Lapwing showed well...
...Whimbrel are still in attendance and the Snipe were displaying but one in the Iris beds was keeping it's eye on us.
The surprise of the day was when we were looking through the Dunlin and Ringed Plover and we picked up a couple of Turnstone - not that exciting you may say. Check out the photo - from the left Turnstone, Dunlin and another bird with no black on the belly!
Pectoral Sandpiper, an American wader, is a fairly regular bird in Britain but this is the first that I have seen since 2007 - a fine reward for our efforts!
Saturday evening I was busy updating the blog and I heard the Cuckoo calling just outside and as I peered out of the window there it was sitting on a telegraph pole. Not the best of shots but it was getting late and it was taken through the window.
Sunday was a better day for the weather but it was still windy. We bagged quite a few Ringed Plover and Dunlin to start the day.
A Skylark performed well at the side of the road...
...and a Rabbit was the closest we got to finding a Mountain Hare.
A closer search of some of the sheltered areas eventually gave us views of Mountain Hare. Common Terns showed well and cracking views of Golden Eagle being mobbed by a male Hen Harrier kept us going. We had to battle through a herd of cows in the afternoon as we were looking for Otters and managed to find one just as we cleared the cows. It was a brief distant look but we needn't have worried as we picked up another three after that with some stunning views had! The WT Eagles were seen feeding the chicks which are getting quite big now but still in their grey and fluffy stage. We did the rounds of the plants including this Heath Speedwell...
...and a detour to look at Pale Butterwort. A Green Orb Spider was on the gate when I arrived home too.

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Ruth Bernssen Bø said...

The bird at photo 4, is one of the first birds which is back at springtime, here at south west coast of Norway. It is a beautiful bird.
I like your blog.