Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Eat your greens.

Tuesday was a, what's that word again, fine, that's right, a FINE day!! The big ask for the day was for an Otter sighting - it took a bit longer than the previous day but 10 minutes wasn't long to wait! The sea was surprisingly quiet today with only a couple of RB Merg, Eider and Shag to be seen. The WT Eagle site produced the goods before we latched onto another Otter. We took up position and waited patiently until it came past us to show really well. You can see from the photo that it's feeding well but look closer and you can see this one is eating it's greens too.
 We had a wander round the flowers including this Heath Spotted Orchid...
 ...managed good views of a male Hen Harrier, Tree Pipit, plenty of Buzzard and a couple of Adders.
 The star of the show for me was this Redshank keeping watch over it's young.
The kids on board today had a splendid time looking at the wildlife through the day and to top it off they got wet paddling in the sea - what more could they ask for? Cuddly bunnies? We can do that too;-)

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