Monday, 9 May 2011

In search of the Crackshagger!

I had a rare day off on Saturday so I headed down to Iona to search out some Spring Squill - pretty little flower this one.
The weather didn't look that good and a stiff breeze was blowing but the low lying island doesn't hang onto the weather like the higher ground. Just as I was leaving the area where the Squill was the sun broke through and the wind dropped a bit - all the better for a close up.
I was watched carefully by this Wheatear as I was taking the flower shots so they must be nesting close by.
You may be wondering about the blog title...well, it was a tale told to me of someone showing off their scenic photographs and one in particular wasn't a classic shot but the person who took the photograph says 'Wait a minute, I'll zoom that in a bit', zooming goes on and an adjustment to the position 'There you go! It's one of those Crackshagger birds on the wall!' You have to laugh and I thought it best to get a couple of photos of this elusive migrant. It certainly looks like a Crackshagger... can do gurning too...
...and it laughs at the people who can't find it.
So there you go the Crackshagger in all it's glory or is it just a Corncrake?!
Not a great deal else around but the Meadow Pipits were around in good numbers... sign of any Twite but this Starling was very keen to have his photo took as he sung happily away to the people passing by.

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Wilma said...

great post, Bryan! Love the illustrative photos of the crackshagger. I don't comment very often, but I enjoy all your posts. Keep them coming!