Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Looks familiar.

Two very similar days on Sunday and Monday with changeable weather and a strong wind blowing. Both days we had to walk around to find the Mountain Hares as the wind was keeping them in the sheltered areas and the only other thing of note was a flock of twenty Whimbrel. It's a bit of a struggle to pick up the smaller birds in these conditions too so it's more fleeting views than prolonged ones but, again, we've coped. The Golden Eagles continue to show well...
...look at that gap where a feather has moulted out!
It wasn't easy to get everyone onto the Adder on Sunday due to the wind and cooler conditions but Monday wasn't a problem at all.
The WT Eagles are showing well now that the chicks have hatched. We've been lucky enough to see one of the birds in flight...
...and also the chicks being fed. Sunday we missed out on Otters in very difficult conditions but Monday we got good views of a single beast. You can't win 'em all!

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