Saturday, 31 May 2014

It's all about the guests

This post covers three different tours where we seen pretty much the same stuff but I don't always get the chance to get photos. The guests come first so it's only when everyone has seen whatever we are looking at that I can get a chance to take a photograph. The Common Snipe is always a popular sighting - plenty of them doing sentry duty.
The WT Eagle sightings have been awesome but that's no surprise with a bird that size!
We managed to see Otter on two of the three tours and there are still some GN Divers hanging around.
The Hen Harrier sightings are getting more frequent as the male bird are starting to work harder to feed the chicks.
Most of the Golden Eagles appear to have failed down the SW of Mull but the adults can still be seen flying around.
Another lingering bird is this Pink-footed Goose.
There appear to be very few Linnet and Twite around this year so it was a real delight to find this singing male Twite.

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