Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Catch up part 1

I had the Ringed Plover on the last post so here is the Oystercatcher on a rainy day.
One unusual sighting we had one day was a Sparrowhawk quartering a field. You just expect them to flash through but this one went up and down the field about three times!
The Golden Plover are looking splendid but seeing the male doing his slow flapping display is just magical.
You can't go anywhere without seeing a Grey Heron - awesome bird.
We have seen quite a few young Crossbill but you can't beat a group of young Stonechat chasing the adults for food.
Most of the Hen Harrier sightings should be male birds unless you get a food pass but keep your eyes open for last years young male birds with just a faint wash of grey across the wings.
The Tawny Owl is still showing well when I pay it a visit but it does sit in a different place every now and then.

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