Thursday, 22 May 2014

Catch up part 2

The Common Sandpipers are starting to settle down in their breeding sites - but not on this boat!
Common Snipe can be seen keeping an eye on their breeding sites from a high point.
We are seeing Otters pretty much every day but I haven't managed to get any photos until this one came to check us out before heading into it's holt.
It was nice to get a good view of a Whinchat as the numbers of these birds are still down.
Most of the Golden Plover are close to breeding territory but this one is still on holiday at the beach!
The last of the migrants have arrived but I'm sure the numbers are down on last year - only a few Spotted Flycatcher.
There are terns around but I have only seen Common Tern up to now.
The Mountain Hares are performing well on the good days but they can be difficult in poor weather.
The Golden Eagles are starting to feed young now so there should be some good showings from them.

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Adelai said...

Great shots Bryan. You might like to see our Peregrine Falcon chicks at Sheffield Uni this week - 4 in the nest on the live webcam