Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The one that got away.

Well, that's February all done and dusted! The last day of the month so a last look round starting off with the Goldeneye..............leaving.
There are obvious reasons for not showing some of the wildlife at this time of year but a fly over White-tailed Eagle is not a problem....
....and made all the better by a second bird that is busy coughing up a pellet!
A nicer shot of the Pied Wagtail on the ground this time.
Now for the one that got away. I got some stunning views of this Hen Harrier but could I get the camera on it? No way.

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Den said...

Hi Bryan,think they are brilliant photos especially Hen Harrier as we have seen several but have only ever really seen white patch on rump,this the first time really seen why called a Ringtail.Always amazed how many Adders you see,think you must know a place that is nice for them.