Sunday, 4 March 2012

On the turn.

Thursday started off with dull conditions and ended up with rain. I spent a bit of time snapping away at the pet Grey Heron...
...before heading out on the road. The highlight of the morning was a distant Otter so we gave the Adders a go before the rain started and managed to get a couple of them moving around. A lot of tasting the air as they moved about.
Still basking as the first raindrops fell.
Back to the Otters in the rain was a good idea as two were found one of which posed for a photograph or two.
The Slavonian Grebe that I took some shots of on the 9th February is now starting to come into summer plumage with the neck turning red.

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Unknown said...

As usual great shots. just hope they are all still about in 2 months time!