Saturday, 29 May 2010


Friday - the weather continues to be pleasant and the midges are growing in numbers (good job there is a breeze to keep them down). A few highlights from the tour were watching the Redshank escort it's youngster through the Iris bed, a quick stop for a Buzzard got us good views of a Cuckoo and two Otters acting like they were dolphins leaping out of the water. The highlight of the day was the display the Golden Eagles put on for us - just awesome. We had both birds in flight and the female was just cruising from one perch to another and back again with her wings held back and feet dangling at times. The control was just stunning. If you've seen Ravens riding the updraughts imaging an eagle doing the same thing!! There's more...a Kestrel put in an appearance and the male bird took umbrage with it. He made a pass at the wee falcon and then turned around and started chasing it! The eagle would come steaming in, wings flapping furiously, and the Kestrel would turn on a pin while the Goldie put the brakes on and turned pretty sharply to have another go! The female bird came charging in from the other side of the Kestrel and it was almost curtains for the falcon. The Kestrel survived the attack and the it really looked like the Eagles went away chuckling to themselves. AWESOME!!!! Nothing was going to top that for the day and I didn't even think about the camera.
Saturday started with a bit of drizzle but soon cleared. With the lack of photos yesterday I thought I'd better get a token Golden Eagle photo while getting some flowery shots.
There ain't a great deal about but what is there looks good - Bird's-foot Trefoil...
...and Lousewort have been around for a while now.
The round leaved Sundew plants are just starting to show well now...
...along with the rarer oblong leaved Sundew.
I walked straight past this Early Marsh Orchid on my way in but spotted it on the way out.
Finally, you can't beat a good view to finish off.

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Den said...

What a great view of the Goldies,your guests will never forget that display.