Friday, 15 May 2009

Cracking days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all good weather days but an increasing Easterly wind is keeping it cool now. The battery on the camera finally gave out this morning after 471 photographs - that's not a bad shout at all!
In my last post on Tuesday morning I mentioned that I might not get any Otters - I was nearly right. The whole day with not a sniff and than right at the last stop we picked one out, asleep on the shore - phew! It's all been pretty easy pickings over the last few days with the Eagles showing well, Hen Harriers, Whimbrel, Whinchat, Whitethroat etc - if it's there we'll look at it. A few pictures from the last few days - some good, some not so good.
A Whinchat that stayed still for a photo but we had a stunning male that wouldn't stay still enough! The Whimbrel are hanging in at Fidden - four birds in this photo. There is a Blackwit or two hanging around down there too.
A male Northern Wheatear that was vying the Whinchat for attention - the Wheatear won.
The hot sunny days are all a bit too much for some - this Red Deer was just too warm to move. Great views though.
Another Fidden speciality is the good views of the Lapwing chicks as they pick their way through the Iris beds.
An Eider on Loch Scridain in a different pose to normal out of the water and standing proud.
The Butterwort are now in flower - stunning in the sunlight.
Yesterdays tour had someone who really wanted to see Hen Harrier. I normally see them at lunchtime but it all went a bit flat and the best we got was an out of place Collared Dove, House Martin and a couple of Siskin. The Golden Eagle was picked up after we came down from the hill but still no Harrier. We watched the male WT Eagle feeding the youngster and then the female flying in before we moved off to get an Otter or two. The female Otter with cub duly obliged with good views of them rooting about in the shallows. I recommended that people stay on a bit longer to try to clinch the Harrier. It was a worthwhile effort as we came across this stunning male bird at very close quarters - enjoy......
A fitting end to a great day. Just for those folk missing the views - it wasn't a bad sunset last night.........

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