Thursday, 30 April 2009

Scottish Malts Reliability Trial

Nothing startling in my birding world over the last couple of days except hearing a Sedge Warbler. Not earth shattering news but it was a first for the year.
Just to break things up a bit the great event of the Scottish Malts Reliability Trial was due to arrive today and it's raining! All those cars that should have the tops down obviously had the soft tops on which was a shame. Here is a selection from the 47 cars that came through.

Alvis '31
Alvis '31

Talbot '34

Bentley '35

Jaguar '54

MG '56

Maserati '57
Triumph '63
Austin Healey '64

Ford Shelby '65

Mustang '67

Porsche jam

Aston Martin '70

E Type Jag '72

Normal service will be resumed shortly..............................


Anonymous said...

Great Pics of those cars, lucky you to be there.

Thing said...

Cracking motors! That Maserati is peachy!