Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The weekend was actually sunny...with showers. Saturday was an early morning outing just for the delight of being out in the sun. We got better views of the Mountain Hare that I photographed in the rain a while back.
A Shelduck glowing in the sunshine was nice too.
The Curlews seem to be, mostly, paired up so there is a lot of display and checking out of suitable nesting sites and the rest of the time is spent feeding.
There are plenty of plants starting to show now with Ramsons, Wood Sorrel and Primroses all out but I can't find any signs of Butterwort yet.
Sunday was a reptile day. One of last years Common Lizard youngsters was seen while trying to get photographs of my first Slow Worm of the year.
I saw plenty of Lesser Celandine in flower on the mainland a week or so ago but this was the first one I've seen in flower here on Mull this year - pretty.
There were three Adders basking in the sunshine, one that was difficult to see in the grass, one basking on the rocks...
...and one in the shade.
I spent a bit of time with the one in the open to get some nice head shots.


Gordon said...

I’ve been following you blog for a while now and I think your pics of the Adders are great. It’s a very long time since I saw an adder. I was birding in a hide on Drigg and one slithered onto my leg, down the length of it and over my boot and away.
I hope the wildlife is as good when we get to Mull in May.
All the very best Gordon.

kev parr said...


What a shot.

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers, guys.

Gordon - I'm sure things will be just fine when you turn up. Always plenty to see.