Friday, 18 April 2014


An interesting morning was had with plenty of GN Diver, a couple of WT Eagle, a single Swallow, 3 RT Diver and a single Otter being the highlights. While having lunch a Golden Eagle put in an appearance and it wasn't too long before it came in for a closer look at us - unfortunately it decided to circle above us with the sun directly behind it!
There was a good showing from the Adders with four seen but they were blending in well with the surroundings.
A pair of Hen Harriers were seen displaying as were a pair of Kestrels. The usual collection of Rock Pipit and Starlings were seen...
...along with a few, newly arrived, Sand Martin. Other highlights in the afternoon were an 80 strong flock of Golden Plover, Northern Wheatear, Willow Warbler and plenty of Mountain Hare. Bird of the day for me was this scruffy looking Great Northern Diver - could do with a comb to get those loose feathers out!

Thursday, 17 April 2014


A lovely day and a good start to the tour as we came across an Otter within 10 minutes of setting out. Better still was the other Otter that was fishing in the seaweed just below us.
There are plenty of GN divers around the loch at the moment, every one a treat to look at.
I've not seen a Yellowhammer this year so when this one started singing next to the motor it had to be found and looked at!
Next up was some WT Eagle viewing. Brief views of a bird on the nest were bolstered by a group of five birds over the hillside with one of the birds giving us a fly past.
It was just 5 WT Eagles as a couple of Golden Eagles joined the group too. A few Swallows were flying around outside the barn where the Tawny Owl was on show.
A sub-adult Golden Eagle...
...was seen off territory by the resident adult.
Plenty of Rock Pipit were at the beach but a couple of Linnet brightened things up.
Twenty-one Whooper Swans were preparing to continue their journey north by doing a bit of preening and stretching their wings. A few of the Lapwings are on the nest so we'll see how they get on over the next couple of weeks.
A good showing from the Mountain Hares as this pale individual ran off... see his darker coated mates (is that a Wallaby on the right?).

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


It was nice to catch up with a Willow Warbler again - the song of this bird is always the sound of summer for me. No sooner had I published the last post where I mentioned the Greenshanks had moved on and there were three birds back on the loch! A pair of Grey Wagtails were getting frisky on one of the burns.
It was nice to catch up with the mum and cub Otters while they were reaping the rewards of a few Dogfish. They were seen to bring two ashore in about 20 minutes.
The Highland Cattle are always popular with the guests.
A few more Northern Wheatears are being seen now.
There was a decent breeze blowing while this Rock Pipit was trying to hang on to the fence.
Decent numbers of Linnets can be seen in various locations.
It was a bit of a struggle to get a good view of Golden Eagle until this one flew past the motor!