Monday, 20 October 2014


The weather is starting to turn a bit more autumnal now but the leaves are still clinging to the trees.With the dying breath of a hurricane about to hit our shores I don't think the leaves will last much longer. I had a quick trip out to ring the kids and I wasn't alone as this Golden Eagle sat on a rock nearby the whole time!
A 23 strong group of Whooper Swan dropped in for a rest. Nice to see but not a single youngster amongst them.
The Barnacle Geese have arrived too but there are only about 60 birds at the moment.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I was there

The island has gone quite quiet now so the wildlife is a bit easier to see from the road now. On the way to the shop in the morning this young stag was strutting his stuff - on his own but you have to practice somewhere!
John and June hadn't seen an Otter all week so they were delighted to catch up with the one I was watching coming to shore. At least they can say 'I was there'.
On the way home there was a very tame Redwing on the side of the road. It had probably just made landfall after a non-stop flight from Iceland.

Friday, 17 October 2014


After a week off it was nice to get back out and what a cracker it was! All three species of diver were picked up at our first proper stop - Black-throated first, then a couple of distant Red-throated then a few Great Northern Diver. No mistaking the bulk of a GND.
It all got a bit difficult after that but Golden Eagle, RB Merg and 3 Otters were the highlights. A GS Woodpecker was seen while we watched a couple of WT Eagle perched in the trees. There was also a good finish as we picked up a male Hen Harrier which perched up on a post.
An early start for the next tour paid off with plenty of roaring stags. This looks like it has a Saltire on it's nose.
An Otter was seen fishing in the loch, a Merlin flashed across the road and there were a few Goosanders hanging around.
A WT Eagle flew over as we watched a few Wigeon.
Another Merlin was seen just after we had views of two Hen Harrier. A couple of Golden Eagle and a WT Eagle were seen as we had lunch. Prolonged views of another Otter and a good sighting of WT Eagle in the afternoon but the Whooper Swans stole the show for me.