Monday, 17 November 2014


I seem to be lacking in inspiration for the blog at the moment but I'm sure things will turn around before long. The wildlife is still doing it's thing and I'm enjoying getting out there to watch the antics. The male Red-breasted Mergansers are back into their breeding plumage so there is lots of interaction to see.
I haven't had that many close encounters with WT Eagles recently but that tends to happen when you don't go out. I did pick up a Jay, my first this year, just before this WT Eagle cruised overhead.
I had been watching three Golden Eagles flying together. They were a bit distant but the fact that it was a pair of adults with this years youngster made it all the more special.
This particular Buzzard has always been obliging but I wonder if any of the youngsters will pick up the same trait.
The Stonechat population has made a full recovery so there are not too many place where you won't pick one up.
We seem to be stuck in a spell of good weather at the moment so there was nice light on Ben More as the sun was going down.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


The ever changing colours of the landscape are something to behold at the moment. It really does change from minute to minute. Further enhancement is provided by the sheep!
There are plenty of Red Deer to be seen close to the road in the mornings but I have missed every chance - the best I've got is the bum shot as they leave.
Another tour, another request. This time it was Golden Eagle at the top of the list and we achieved that in the first 10 minutes. We took in all the common birds along the way with a couple of Yellowhammers, a raft of Eider, a Sparrowhawk mobbing the Goldie, GN Diver and RB Merg were the highlights. There were plenty of Redwing and Fieldfare to be seen.
Four Hen Harriers were seen including 2 males, Greylag, Barnacle, Pink-footed and Greenland White-fronted Geese were all seen in the same field while a Kestrel was hunting just down the road.
The highlight of the day was an immature Golden Eagle hunting the roadside a good distance away from any known territory - awesome!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The big cheese

There's not been much happening this month so the posts will slow down now. The WT Eagles are sitting in the trees behind the shop fairly regularly - they don't seem impressed with part of the tree breaking off!
I've had plenty of Otter sightings over the last week but nothing close enough for photos. A bird that I haven't seen on the local patch for a while is Pheasant so it was nice to see this male on the shore...
...but it would have been easy to overlook the female bird.
The BT Diver is still hanging around while GN Diver numbers are still increasing - I had about 15 but I'm sure there are more. Another interesting photo of the plumage change - an obvious white edge surrounding the all dark bill while the rest of the face is still transitional.
You never notice the movement of the moon when it's in the sky but it only took about two minutes for this big cheese to appear from behind the mountains.