Monday, 12 March 2012


A bit of a damp and gloomy weekend and there is still no sign of improvement. I keep hoping for some change to the weather but hoping isn't working. I managed to fill the time quite nicely but not many hours in the field, in fact it was probably just minutes each day! Saturday produced some good views of the Grey Herons as they go about the business of furnishing their nests and bonding - they look good with the neck stretched out.
Sunday I found a Mountain Hare sheltering from the rain.
On Monday I had a quick look round and I was pleased to see this Little Grebe in summer plumage - cheered me right up that did.
As you can see from the Chaffinch photo below the rain was never far away...
...and the Hooded Crows looked pleased with their fine dining on frogs legs.

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