Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sunny Monday.

Monday I was out on tour in the sunshine for a change. We started off with some nice views of Greenshank and flight views of Lapwing before picking up an Otter. We followed the Otter along the shore while it fished the shallows.
It came ashore with a fish just the once before hauling out on the back of a rock where we couldn't see it. A Grey Heron caught a fish while we watched the Otter.
Two WT Eagles were seen adding material to their nest and also mating before we moved on to see three Golden Eagles flying together. You can see this bird has a full crop.
We thought we'd been lucky to see the WT Eagles mating but we also got the Golden Eagles mating too!! We'd seen plenty of Red Deer from the road but this stag was the best looking by far.
Another Golden Eagle showed really well in good light.
Three Adders were basking in the sun and were capable of moving a lot faster than the last time I saw them.
A distant WT Eagle was seen in flight and a male Hen Harrier gained height over the forestry before heading off. We spent a good twenty minutes trying to get photographs of a Common Lizard but it was worth the effort.
Another two WT Eagle were found sitting on a small island while we viewed some Common Seals. A Great Northern Diver showed well while we relaxed with a cup of tea on the beach. Last but not least we got some good views of Mountain Hare. With the sun setting it was difficult to get one in good light...
...but if you compare the two photos you can see how the light changes the colour of this hare.

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